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Dolomite Powder Packing Machine

  • Finished Size:
  • Capacity: 3-10 bags/minute
  • Raw materials: Dolomite powder
Dolomite Powder Packing Machine Product Description
Dolomite powder packing machine usually has two types: valve type and opening type. The moste used one is the valve type, worked with HGM Dolomite grinding mill, is one part of Dolomite production line. it is adopted with technology of electronically automatic measurement, variable-feed and frequency-converted function; it can be designed to meet customer’s specific requirements according to raw materials characteristics, fineness and flow ability etc. Powder packing machine is widely used in calcite (GCC), Dolomite, talc, feldspar, kaolin, bentonite, AL(OH)3, carborundum,quartz, barite, food etc.

Dolomite Powder Packing Machine Application
The valve bag packing machine is widely used in calcite (GCC), Dolomite, talc, feldspar, kaolin, bentonite, AL(OH)3, carborundum, quartz, barite, food etc.

Dolomite Powder Packing Machine Features & advantages
1. Good service
2. Fast delivery(10~20 days after deposit)
3. PLC technology of electronically automatic measurement , accurate measurement, dust free.
4. High capacity, 25-100kg/h
5. Reliable and durable, long lifecycle of spare parts.
6. Firm, durable(steady use for more than 30 years) & easy to use
7. Suitable for powder, granule and clump.
8. Various of types/colors/size/specifications for selection
9. Hot sold by manufacturer/support OEM and ODM with good quality & price
10. Customer first, integrity highest
specifications of Dolomite Powder Packing Machine :
Bag weight 3-50 KG 1-60 KG 1-50 KG 1-2000 KG
Accuracy ±0.2-0.5% ±0.2-0.5% ±0.2-0.5% ±0.2-0.5%
Filling speed 3-5 bags/min 25kg 3-5 bags/min 25kg 3-5 bags/min 25kg 7-10 bags/min 1t
Power 380v/50HZ 4kw 380v/50HZ 8kw 380v/50HZ 3kw 380v/50HZ 3kw
Air consumption P≥0.6Mpa, P≥0.6Mpa, P≥0.6Mpa, P≥0.6Mpa,
Q≥0.4 m³/min Q≥0.4 m³/min Q≥0.4 m³/min Q≥0.4m³/min
Equipment weight 420KG 900KG 55KG 850KG
Dimension 0.8*1.4*1.85mm 0.85*1.5*2.155mm 3.3*2*2.7mm 0.8*1.8*2.5mm
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